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This week I am off to Boy Scout Camp with our son. It is his first time attending. It should be a lot of fun—at least for him. Personally, having not camped out for years, I confess I am a bit nervous about it. To relieve my nerves I started thinking about the calendar. June […]

On June 13, 2011, President Obama issued Executive Order 13576 entitled “Delivering an Efficient, Effective and Accountable Government (“the EO”). On Wednesday afternoon I took time out to study the EO before heading up to Baltimore to see my favorite band, U2, in concert. I headed out with one of my friends—a person who has […]

The June 14, 2011 issuance of a proposed rule revising FAR 8.002, Priorities for use of government supply sources, continues a trend of regulatory changes that raise fundamental questions regarding the future direction of interagency contracting. The proposed rule would revise the FAR to eliminate the existing priority for the Federal Supply Schedule program found […]

The Rush to Cloud Services

June 10th, 2011

Clouding Computing—what’s the forecast? In thinking about cloud computing and the growing number of government contracts seeking cloud services I kept looking to the sky and wondering about the number and types of weather clouds. So I did a little meteorological research this week and confirmed what I thought. There are many types of clouds. […]

Balance. In order for the procurement system to deliver best value to the taxpayer, it must have balance. That is, the contracts, task orders and blanket purchase agreements (BPAs) must be structured to deliver “the goods” to both government and contractors. Government wants successful contract performance at a reasonable price. Industry wants to make a […]

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