Coalition members work together to advocate for common sense acquisition and dialogue with government leaders through the committees. The Coalition unequivocally complies with the policy of competition required by applicable antitrust laws in these efforts. To review our antitrust policy, click here.

If you have any questions regarding any of the Coalition committees, please contact: Aubrey Woolley


Federal Buildings Committee

Industry Co-Chairs: Scott Reppert, CBRE

The Federal Buildings Committee represents commercial companies that provide real estate, facilities maintenance, energy, security and other goods and services for Federal buildings.  The Committee involves both industry and PBS representatives who work together to share information and improve the contracting environment so that companies can better assist Federal agencies in advancing their buildings related missions.  Members also engage in business networking to enhance partnership opportunities.  Suggested GSA Schedules:  00Corp, 03FAC, 48, 56, 70, 71, 71 II K, 72, 73, 84, 871, 899


Furniture and Furnishings Committee

Industry Co-Chairs: Marian Morley, Allsteel, Peter Dallessandro, Allseating and Tim Barrios, Herman Miller

This committee deals with issues surrounding the acquisition of furniture and furnishings used in federal facilities at home and abroad.  Participants include CGP members that manufacture or sell office, home, military, outdoor, and other furniture, wall coverings, flooring material and carpet, draperies, stand-alone lighting and interior decorations. The committee actively works on issues such as maximizing competition in the federal market, maintaining a fair procurement environment, compliance with new requirements, and staying engaged with the Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center (IWAC) and other federal customers.  Suggested GSA Schedules:  00Corp, 03FAC, 71, 71 II K, 72


General/Office Products Committee

Industry Co-chairs: Bill Murray, Office Depot and Dan Zogran, Grainger

Members of the General/Office Products Committee manufacture or sell hardware, general products, and office supplies.  This committee regularly features GSA representatives who provide updates on the Multiple Award Schedules relevant to the membership.  The committee is involved in issues such as product compliance, contract management and maintaining the availability of commercial general and office products to the Government. Suggested GSA Schedules:  00Corp, 03FAC, 23 V, 51 V, 56, 73, 75, 751, 78, 81 I B, 84, 874 V


GWAC, MAC & Enterprise Committee

Industry Co-chairs: Mike Pullen, CGI Federal; Tom Sisti, SAP and Mike McHugh, GDIT

GWACs, MACs & Enterprise procurements represent over $250 billion in annual purchases of services and products by the Federal Government.  The Committee focuses on program, policy and contractual issues impacting the business case development, creation and administration of these contract vehicles.  The Committee provides a “Myth-Busters” forum for members to engage with Government acquisition leaders responsible for managing these contract vehicles.  Through engagement and dialogue with government stakeholders, the Committee works to ensure these contract vehicles efficiently and effectively deliver best value to the government customer through sound business opportunities for contractors.


Green/Environmental Services Committee

Industry Co-Chairs: George Foley, 3M and Jim Fraser, ManTech

This committee includes companies from a wide array of industries involved in the Coalition.  Their shared interest is to promote corporate environmental best practices with Federal customers, stay ahead of green compliance requirements, and collaborate with the Government to cultivate a federal procurement environment where the public sector has access to the best green products and services at the best value.  This is a “spectrum” committee as the issues pertaining to sustainability cover all schedules and contract vehicles.  All members who consider the environment and issues pertaining to the government’s desire to “purchase green” are encouraged to join.



Industry Chair: Donna Yesner, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP and Deborah Walter, Takeda

Companies active in the Healthcare Committee provide pharmaceuticals, medical products and services in the Federal market.  The committee provides a forum for the industry to focus on policy issues involving but not limited to TRICARE, the Department of Health and Human Services, the VA National Acquisition Center (NAC) and other areas of significance.  Through the committee, members communicate with the Government to help improve the federal acquisition environment for pharmaceuticals, medical products and associated services.  Suggested GSA Schedules:  621 I, 621 II, 65 I B, 65 II A, 65 II C, 65 II F, 65 V A, 65 V II, 66, 66 III

Imaging Equipment Committee

Industry Chair: Dave Goins, Xerox

Companies active in the Imaging Equipment Committee manufacture or sell imaging products to the Federal Government.  The scope of products includes printers, copiers, multifunction devices, mailing equipment and related document management services.  The Committee works on issues unique to the federal market involving security, product certification, contract management, GSA Schedules, leasing, and the environment.  Suggested GSA Schedules:  36, 58 I, 67, 70, 75


Information Technology (IT) Committee

Industry Co-chairs: Kitty Klaus, HP and Julia Conti, CGI Federal

The IT Committee represents companies that provide IT hardware, software, and related products and services to the Federal Government.  The Committee provides a forum where members can engage with industry and Government acquisition leaders on compliance, regulatory, and program issues related to specific contracts, especially the GSA Schedules.  The Coalition works to advance issues of concern on behalf of the membership that directly impacts government business.  Potential subcommittees include IT hardware, telecommunications, and cyber security. Suggested GSA Schedules:  00Corp, 36, 58 I, 66, 67, 70, 75, 76, 03FAC


Pricing and Regulatory Compliance Oversight Committee (PRCO)

Industry Chair: Jeff Clayton, Baker Tilly

The PRCO is for members who focus on pricing, regulatory compliance, audits and oversight.  The PRCO leverages our members’ collective domain expertise to support contractor ethics and compliance programs/offices, including in-house counsel, Finance & Accounting, and Compliance departments. The Committee focuses on crosscutting issues such as the Price Reductions Clause, and provides training and information for members. All members involved in pricing, regulatory and compliance matters are encouraged to participate.


Services Committee

Industry Chair: Joe Pastel, Leidos, Inc.

The Services Committee is for members who provide professional consulting and other services in the federal marketplace.  The Committee provides a forum where members can engage with industry and Government acquisition leaders on compliance, regulatory, and program issues related to specific services under the GSA Schedules program.  The committee works with Government to advance issues of concern that directly impact industry. Suggested GSA Schedules: 00Corp, 03FAC, 23 V, 48, 56, 520, 541, 599, 621 I, 71 II K, 73, 736, 738 II, 738 X, 751, 76, 871, 84, 874 V, 899


Small Business Committee

Industry Co-Chairs: Jim Connal, Red River and Joe Hornyak, Holland & Knight

The Small Business Committee will serve as an open forum for small business to discuss acquisition policy and compliance issues as well as Federal contracting opportunities that are unique to small businesses. The committee will create opportunity for members to have access to Federal agencies and legal experts in government contracting and work together to help agencies achieve their socioeconomic goals.  Participation is open to all members of the Coalition interested in small business.


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