Coalition Documents

White Papers

VA Multiple Award Schedule: Improvements Needed to Enhance the Effectiveness & Efficiency of the Program (6/16/16)

MAS Reform: Towards an IT Innovation Schedule (1/28/14)

GSA Multiple Award Schedule Pricing: Recommendations to Embrace Regulatory and Commercial Market Changes (9/9/13)

Other Direct Costs (9/30/11)

Improving Government Leasing (April 2011)


Amicus Briefs

State Farm Fire and Casualty Company v. United States, ex rel. Cori Risby, et al. (August 2016)

Universal Health Services, Inc v. United States and Commonwealth of Massachusetts ex rel. Julio Escobar and Carmen Correa (January 2016)

AT&T Inc., et al., v. United States ex rel. Todd Heath (October 2015)

Suhail Najim Abdullah Al Shimari, Taha Yaseen Arraq Rashid, Salah Hasan Nusaif Al-Ejaili, Asa’ad Hamza Hanfoosh Al-Zuba’e and Sa’ad Hamza Hantoosh Al-Zuba’e v. CACI Premier Technology, Inc. and Timothy Dugan, CACI International, Inc., L-3 Services, Inc. (October 2015)

United States ex rel. Brady Folliard v. Govplace (September 2013)


Other Documents

GWAC and IDIQ Table The GWAC/MAC Committee developed this working list of Federal contracts that offer the same or similar commercial products and services. (Last updated September 2016)

Federal Assisted Acquisition Centers and GWACs A list of assisted acquisition centers and GWACs which includes points of contact. (Last updated August 2016)


Letters, Testimony & Regulatory Comments


Coalition Comments on the Government-Industry Communications Proposed Rule (3/2/17)

Coalition Comments on Set-Asides Under MACs proposed rule (2/6/17)

Coalition Comments on MAS 75 RFI (1/17/17)


Coalition Comments on DFARS Commercial Item Rule (11/10/16)

Coalition Comments on OLM Proposed Rule (11/8/16)

Coalition Comments on OMB draft Category Management Circular (11/7/16)

Coalition Feedback to Senator Hatch on Commercial IT (11/2/16)

340B Drug Pricing Program Administrative Dispute Resolution RIN 0906-AA90 (10/11/16)

Supporting Documents for Coalition Testimony Before the Section 809 Panel (9/21/16)

Coalition VA Multiple Award Schedule Quick Fixes

Coalition Comments on the TDR Public Data Extract (8/19/16)

Coalition Comments on GSA’s Proposed Rule for Strategic Sourcing Documentation (8/19/16) 

Coalition Letter to GSA on Implementation of Transactional Data Reporting Pilot (8/10/16)

Coalition Letter to GSA Regarding Supply Chain Risk Management (8/3/16) 

Comments on GSA’s Proposed Rule: General Services Administration Acquisition Regulation (GSAR); Unenforceable Commercial Supplier Agreement Terms (8/1/16)

Coalition Response to SeaPort-e RFI (7/1/16)

Coalition Response to GSA IT Schedule 70 Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS) SIN RFI (6/21/16)

Comments on FSS Pricing Disclosures #2 (5/11/16)

Coalition Response to GSA Cybersecurity Services RFI (4/20/16)

Coalition Response to Draft Federal Source Code Policy (4/11/16)

Coalition Contractor Confidentiality Agreements Comments (3/22/16)

Coalition Comments on the Subcontractor Payments Proposed Rule (3/21/16)

Revisiting Coalition Recommendations for Streamlining DoD Contracting (3/4/16)

Coalition Comments on the VA SAC MSPV Catalogue (2/24/16)

Coalition Health IT SIN Comments (2/8/16)

Coalition Maximum Order Threshold Changes under Schedule 71 (1/28/16)

OMB Software Licensing Draft Policy Comments (1/21/16)

FSS Pricing Disclosure Comments (1/19/16)


Coalition Alliant 2 Second Draft RFP Comments (12/1/15)

Comments on DFARS Case 2013-D034 Evaluating Fair and Reasonableness for Commercial Items (11/13/15)

Commercial Supplier Agreement Deviation Letter to GSA (9/30/15)

ENCORE III Letter to USD AT&L (10/15/15)

Alliant 2 Draft RFP Comments (9/18/15)

Cyber SIN Comments (9/11/15)

Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Comments (8/25/15) 

Coalition Response to ENCORE III Draft RFP (8/24/15)

Health IT SIN Comments (7/7/15)

Congressional Testimony on Transactional Data Reporting (6/25/15)

Section 508 Comments (5/28/15) 

Summary–Transactional Data Proposed Rule Comments (5/2/2015)

Full–Transactional Data Proposed Rule Comments (5/2/2015)

Class Deviation Commercial Supplier Agreement Comments (4/20/15) 

HCATS DRFP (4/15/15) 

Comments for the NS2020 Draft RFP Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) Acquisition (3/31/15) 

Evergreen Contracts Recommendations (3/24/15)

Coalition Letter on Commercial Item Contracting to OMB & GSA (3/24/15)

Coalition-ITAPS Joint Response to GSA Cloud Computing Services PMO RFI (3/13/15)

Transactional Data Proposed Rule_Summary (3/4/15) 

Comments in response to Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) RFI (1/27/2015)


Coalition Response Re: GSAR Case 2013-G502, Federal Supply Schedule Contracting (Administrative Changes) (11/21/14)

Coalition Response Re: UPC and MPN Reporting Requirements for GSA Schedule Holders (10/21/14) 

Coalition Response Subject: FAR Case 2013–002 Expanded Reporting of Nonconforming Items (9/10/14)

Coalition Response to GSA Proposal to Add Cloud SIN on IT Schedule 70 (8/21/14)

Coalition Response Re: RFI—GSA Assessment of EPEAT and ENERGY STAR Applicability to Products under SIN 132 (8/4/14)

Coalition Letter to GSA on a Price Reductions Clause Waiver (8/1/14)

Coalition Letter to GSA on Recent Interpretations of the Price Reductions Clause (7/29/14) 

Coalition Comments on Re: Department of Labor, RIN 1235-AA10 Contractor Minimum Wage (7/28/14)

Coalition Letter Re: Proposed Rule – Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Case 2013-022 Extension of Limitations on Contractor Employee Personal Conflicts of Interest  (6/2/14) 

Coalition Comments in Response NS2020 Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) RFI #QTA00NS14THI3001 (5/8/14)

Coalition Letter to GSA on 18F Initiative (5/5/14)

Coalition Response Re: EPA-HQ-OPPT-2013-0579 EcoLabels in Federal Procurement (4/25/14)

Coalition Comments [Docket No. DARS-2014-0012] Review of Statutory and Regulatory Requirements (4/23/14)

Coalition Submission to OMB on Top Ten Burdens and Barriers to Conducting Business with the Federal Government (3/31/14)

– Cover Letter (3/31/14)

– Attachments Portfolio (3/31/14)

Coalition Letter to the GSA Administrator on Key Procurement Initiatives (3/18/14)

Coalitions Comments in Response to GSA Request for Information Notice–FAS-2013-02 (3/17/14) 

Coalition Letter to Congress Concerning the Draft RFP-IT Act (3/7/14) 

Strategic Acquisition Principles (3/5/14)


Coalition Comments Re: OS3 Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) Solicitation (12/9/13)

Government Practices that Add Costs in Federal Purchasing (10/31/13)

Opportunities to Lower Costs in Federal Purchasing (10/31/13)

ENERGY STAR (10/21/13)

DPAP Interagency Acquisition Policy Review (9/26/13)

“Leasing versus Renting’’ Comments (9/16/13)

Coalition Comments Re: OS3 Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) Solicitation (9/4/13)

Joint Multi-Association Industry Letter on OASIS NAICS Codes Requirements (8/22/13)

Written Strategic Sourcing Testimony for the Record to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (7/30/13)

Joint Industry Letter, GSA IG Report on Improper Management Intervention (6/25/13)

Strategic Sourcing Testimony before the House Small Business Subcommittee on Contracting and Workforce (6/12/13)

FSSI Comments for JanSan MRO Products (5/24/2013 – 7/15/13)

Letter to Houston Taylor, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Acquisition Management on Price Reductions Clause Waiver (4/3/13)

DoD and Contractor Dialogue on Sequestration (3/5/13)

GSAR Case 2012–G503, Industrial Funding Fee and Sales Reporting (2/26/13)

GSA Information Collection 3090-00XX, Modifications (2/15/13)

SmartBUY RFI Comments (2/7/13)


Coalition Letter Re: Transparency for MAS Contractors via eBuy (12/10/12)

Contract Duplication Memorandum to DOD, GSA and OMB- Letter (11/16/12)

Basic Safeguarding of Contractor Information Systems – Comment (10/23/12)

DHS, Contractor Billing and Subcontractor Labor Hour Rates Under Time and Material Contracts – Comment (10/18/12)

Prioritizing Sources of Supplies and Services for Use by the Government – Comment (10/9/12)

Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program Continuous Open Season-Operational Change Notice – Comment (8/22/12)

ENERGY STAR Imaging Equipment Specification- Comment (7/30/12)

SBA, Acquisition Process: Task and Delivery Order Contracts, Bundling, Consolidation – Comment (7/16/12)

Keeping Politics Out of Federal Contracting Support Letter (5/15/12)

Burden of the Price Reductions Clause- Submission 2 (4/16/12)

Written Testimony for Contractors: How Much Are They Costing the Government Hearing (3/29/12)

Data Collection Letter to Houston Taylor (3/15/12)

Burden of the Price Reductions Clause- Submission 1 (2/27/12)

Small Business Subcontracting Proposed Rule- Comment (1/6/12)

Set-Asides for Small Business- Comment (1/3/12)


Safeguarding Unclassified DoD Information- Comment (12/16/11)

Ethical Conduct for Executive Branch Employees- Comment (11/14/11)

Letter to House Ways and Means Committee on 3% Withholding (10/12/11)

DFARS Only One Offer- Comment (9/23/11)

Strategic Sourcing Letter to OFPP Administrator (8/30/11)

Sustainable Acquisition- Comment (8/1/11)

Letter to GSA Section 13 Interagency Working Group on Ecolabels (7/28/11)

Orphan Drug Rule- Comment (7/15/11)

Letter to UNICOR (6/28/11)

Organizational Conflicts of Interest- Comment (6/27/11)

Letter to Senator Susan Collins on Keeping Politics out of Federal Contracting (6/22/11)

Service Contracts Reporting- Comment (6/20/11)

Letter to House Small Business Committee on 3% Withholding (6/2/11)

Requirements for Acquisitions Pursuant of Multiple Award Contracts- Comment (5/16/11)

Letter to Representative Connolly Supporting the Acquisition Improvement Act (4/25/11)

Letter to Senator Collins Supporting the Legislation Improving Federal Acquisition and the Acquisition Workforce (4/15/11)

Public Access to FAPIIS- Comment (3/25/11)

Letter to GSA Office of Acquisition Management on FAR Part 51 Deviation (3/15/11)

DoD Efficiency Effort to Reduce Non-Value Added Costs- Comment (3/3/11)

Preventing Abuse of Interagency Contracts- Comment (2/11/11)

Letter to OFPP Administrator on Small Business Set-Asides (1/6/11)


Time-and-Materials and Labor-Hour Contracts for Commercial Use- Comment (11/24/10)

Executive Compensation and First-Tier Subcontract Awards- Comment (9/7/10)

DFARS Organizational Conflicts of Interest- Comment (7/21/10)

Posting Contracts Online- Comment (7/12/10)

VA Proposed Rule on Drug and Drug-Related Supply Promotion by Pharmaceutical Sales- Comment (7/12/10)

Section 508 E&IT Standards Update- Comment (6/21/10)

Proposed OFPP Policy Letter – Inherently Governmental- Comment (6/1/10)

FAPIIS- Comment (3/31/10)

Withholds for Business System Deficiencies- Comment (3/16/10)

Comments on TRICARE Management Activity (3/11/10)

Small Business Regulations; 8(a) Business Development/ Small Disadvantaged Status Determinations- Comment (1/28/10)

Personal Conflicts of Interest- Comment (1/12/10)