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December16, Bloomberg Law

White House Flexes Purchasing Power to Curb Climate Emissions

November 11, FCW

NASA SEWP’S ‘Secret Weapon’ to Retire at the End of the Year

September 15, Federal News Network

GSA Makes Inflation Adjustments a Bit Easier for Contractors

September 9, Federal News Network

The Latest DoD Attempt at Improving Contractor Cybersecurity, Runs into a Buzz Saw

September 1, Federal News Network

Cyber Accreditation Body Says Key CMMC Document to Face Changes

August 23, Fedscoop

Building Your Risk Management Framework; A New Ceiling for Alliant 2

July 1, Federal News Network

GSA Hits the Play Button on Polaris by Finalizing Solicitation Updates

June 30, Fedscoop Radio

VA Using Automation to Improve Insurance; Your Employees are Your Customer; GSA Restarting Polaris Soon

June 28, Federal News Network

CMMC Early Adopter Program to Further Spur Vendor Cyber Actions

June 22, Federal News Network

The General Services Administration is Downright Spacey…It Has Three North Stars

June 17, Fedscoop

GSA Eyes Early Alliant 3 Release

April 21, Fedscoop Radio

Navy’s Approach to Cybersecurity; Improving Federal Hiring; Prepping the Federal Marketplace

April 21, Federal News Network

GSA’s Busy 2022 So Far: Inflation, 876 and a New Strategy

April 1, Federal News Network

GSA’s Temporary EPA Moratorium Sputters Out of the Gate

March 9, Federal News Network

Contractors Need Agencies to Help Them ‘Whip Inflation Now!’

February 22, Executive Gov

Trade Groups Discuss Impact of Continuing Resolutions on Federal Contractors 

February 7, Fedscoop Radio

The CR Squeeze on Financial Managers; Impact of Inflation on Contracts; Collaborating to Implement ZTA

January 27, Federal New Network

NITAAC Extends Due Date for CIO-SP4 After Bid Submission Problems


November 26, Federal News Network

Pentagon considers incentives to get companies to CMMC 2.0 early

November 18, Federal News Network

GSA previews major upcoming GWACs, new Services MAC

November 2, Fedscoop Radio

Modernizing Business Processes in Government and Evidence-Based Policy Making in Congress

October 29, Federal News Network

GSA Makes Course Corrections with its Commercial Platforms Initiative

September 14, Federal News Network

Industry’s patience wearing thin with DoD’s CMMC, GSA’s follow-on to OASIS

July 6, Federal News Network

DHS’s Correa to retire after 40 years in government

June 4, Government Executive

Contracting Community Welcomes Biden’s Budget Proposal 

March 9, Federal News Network

GSA kicks off two-year effort to innovate service contracting beyond OASIS

March 3, Defense Visual Information Distribution Service

Award-winning support recognized by government procurement coalition

January 16, Federal News Network

GSA kick starts 2021 with an acquisition potpourri


December 4, Inside Cybersecurity

Industry groups weigh in on CMMC costs, guidelines for assessment as Pentagon interim rule takes effect 

July 15, Office Products International

Analysis: Unanswered Questions for GSA

June 2, Federal News Network

Federal Procurement Spending Up $120B Since 2015

April 28, Federal News Network

IG Says GSA Missed Out on Potentially $1.1B in Savings, But is that Really the Case?

March 31, Federal Computer Week

Vendors Pile on the Telework Bandwagon

March 24, Federal News Network

OMB’s New Coronavirus Contractor Guidance Doesn’t Answer Some of the Toughest Questions

March 19, Washington Business Journal

Contractor need for cybersecurity intensifies as telework takes hold

March 2, Federal News Network

White House, GSA, positions on e-commerce platforms perplex industry association

February 17, Federal News Network

Change is hard vs. real problems: The tale of the portal

Jan 30, Federal News Network

GSA names permanent leaders of Federal Acquisition Service

Jan 18, FCW

GSA finetunes e-commerce effort


December 19, Washington Business Journal

Why experts say they don’t expect contracting to pause through impeachment

May 9, FCW

Procurement gurus mostly pleased with GSA’s e-commerce plans

May 3, Federal News Network

GSA taking the bite out of buying commercial products

May 1, Vox

The US government is the world’s largest purchaser of consumer goods. Amazon wants a piece.

April 19, Federal News Network

Counterfeit products, Section 846 implementation, appearance of ghost pilots

April 5, Federal News Network

Change in cloud forecast: Multiple-award vs. single-award

March 26, Federal News Network

What does ‘best-in-class’ really mean for federal contracts?

March 22, Federal News Network

Schedules modernization: Time to put the whole suite of telecommunications on schedule

March 15, Federal News Network

Section 809: Will accountability and transparency be the price of reform?

March 8, Federal News Network

Management imperatives for schedules consolidation

February 13, Washington Exec

New Buy American Executive Order Presents Opportunities, Risks for Contractors

February 11, Federal News Network

Two studies debunk ‘urban myths’ about GSA Advantage

February 8, Federal News Network

e-GSA: Creating opportunities through e-commerce

January 28, Office Products International

Analysis: GSA commits to e-marketplace model

January 27, Washington Exec

DOD Procurement Overhaul Report Recommendations Draw Both Praise, Critique from Industry Groups

January 25, Federal News Network

 Addressing cyber risks of e-commerce

January 18, Federal News Network

Readily available multiple award schedule program

January 15, Washington Exec

DOD Rule Defines When LPTA May be Used

January 11, Federal News Network

e-Commerce: To be or not to be


December 26, Nextgov

The Devil’s in the Details as GSA Seeks to Consolidate the Multiple Award Schedules

December 24, Federal News Network

Partial shutdown could cost the government $52M a day

December 21, Bloomberg Government

GSA Forges Ahead With Commercial E-Commerce Plan

December 13, Federal News Network

Starting small, GSA will limit online shopping portals to $10,000 per purchase

December 12, FCW

GSA plans pilot on e-commerce platform by end of 2019

December 12, Federal Times

Industry applauds acquisition consolidation, warns of work to be done

July 27, Federal News Network

How will the FY 2019 NDAA affect government procurement?

June 26, FCW

Can Government do E-Commerce?

June 26, FedScoop

Contractors Worry E-Commerce Portals Could Create ‘Parallel Compliance’ Models

June 22, Washington Technology

GSA tries to calm industry over procurement portal

June 21, FCW

GSA Closes in on E-Commerce Portal Plan

May 16, FCW

GSA Takes the Long View on Shared Services

May 16, FedScoop

Murphy Plans to Reconstruct GSA Schedules as Part of Governmentwide Reform

May 8, Bloomberg Government

Contractors Set to Protest Major JEDI Cloud Solicitation

April 23, Data Center Dynamics

Pentagon’s JEDI Cloud Contract Will Last Two Years, Then Be Re-Examined

March 29, Federal Times

Procurement Reform Is In The Eye Of The Stakeholder

March 22, Bloomberg Politics

Pentagon Cloud Bid in Congress’s Crosshairs Amid Amazon Concerns

March 9, Federal News Radio

JEDI cloud acquisition strategy: Continuing confusion, unmitigated uncertainty

March 10, FCW

DOD’s latest cloud moves leave plenty of questions

February 22, 2018 HS Today

FBI Explores $30 Billion Move Into Stormy Cloud Market

January 16, 2018 Federal News Radio

What are the goals of OMB, GSA’s e-commerce portal? That is step 1 of phase 1

January 9, 2018 FCW

GSA Kicks Off E-Commerce Portal Effort


November 13, 2017 Federal News Radio

How ‘Amazon,’ 5 other acquisition provisions changed in final defense bill

November 2, 2017 The Intercept

The “Amazon Amendment” Would Effectively Hand Government Purchasing Power Over to Amazon

September 18, 2017 Federal News Radio

GSA fills key management positions in the Federal Acquisition Service

July 24, 2017 Federal News Radio

OASIS program personnel shakeup continues GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service upheaval

July 18, 2017 Effecient Gov

NDAA Bill: SLED Procurement on GSA Schedules Could Change

July 14, 2017 Bloomberg Government

HASC’s NDAA would require Amazon-like online marketplaces

July 14, 2017 Federal News Radio

DoD acquisition proposals reduce burden, heighten transparency concerns

June 28, 2017 Federal News Radio

House begins work today on another round of DoD acquisition overhauls

May 8, 2017 Federal News Radio

114 New Commercial Buying Regs Since 2009 Highlights Why Federal Procurement Needs Fixing


Industry Association Raises 60 Questions to GSA About New Data Rule

August 12, 2016, Federal News Radio

DISA will amend Encore III contract after successful industry protests

August 8, 2016, Federal News Radio

GSA finalizes major update to acquisition policy

June 23, 2016, Federal News Radio

GSA publishes final rule on transactional data reporting

June 22, 2016, FedScoop

Little-noticed interim rule overshadows two Supreme Court procurement decisions

June 20, 2016, Federal News Radio

Feds Seek to Cut Software Costs and Expand Licenses

June 16, 2016, E-Commerce Times

Contracting groups challenge DoD’s ‘flawed’ plans for $17.5B contract

May 2, 2016, Federal News Radio

Supreme Court case opens door to major change in vendor oversight law

April 25, 2016, Federal News Radio

DoD is better defining what lowest price means in contracts

April 8, 2016, Federal News Radio

New GSA tools vow to ‘make it easier’ to enter IT Schedule 70

April 6, 2016, Federal News Radio


Government, industry still can’t figure out how to talk

December 14, 2015, Federal News Radio

GSA sees wave of expiring service contracts as chance to cut duplication

October 23, 2015, Federal News Radio

Industry: Government’s ‘biggest buyer’ claim isn’t true

October 22, 2015, Federal News Radio

Industry groups widen fight to reform False Claims Act processes

October 21, 2015, Washington Technology

GSA mulling cybersecurity SIN for IT Schedule 70

October 14, 2015, Federal Times

GSA eases burden on agencies, vendors with schedule consolidation 

October 12, 2015, Federal News Radio keeps eyes on the prize

October 5, 2015, FCW

GSA Streamline Schedules

September 8, 2015, Federal News Radio

GSA Transactional Data 

August 6, 2015, Federal News Radio

Multiple Award Contracts

July 15, 2015, FCW

Technology News

May 28, 2015, Federal News Radio

GSA News

May 14, 2015, Federal News Radio

GSA to push vendors for more data on schedule price variances

April 29, 2015, Federal News Radio

GSA News

March 19, 2015, Federal News Radio

GSA News

March 18, 2015, Federal News Radio

GSA proposed rule raises ‘significant concerns’ over competition

March 11, 2015, Federal News Radio

GSA pricing, tech bills, Data Act oversight and anti-robocall prizes

March 4, 2015, FCW

GSA proposes change to acquisition regulation vendors loathe

March 4, 2015, Federal News Radio

DHS, GSA kick off CDM task order 2 with $29M deal

March 3, 2015, Federal News Radio

How to unleash the full potential of GSA’s Federal Supply Schedules

February 26, 2015, Federal News Radio

In Depth

February 19, 2015, Federal News Radio

GSA Advantage, DPAP, and the confusing FAR 8.4 deviation

February 13, 2015, Federal Times

GSA misses other direct costs problem in schedule redo

February 6, 2015, Federal News Radio

Acquisition News

January 22, 2015, Federal News Radio

Small businesses gain ground in contracting. Here’s why.

January 16, 2015, Federal Times

Tangherlini leaving GSA next month

January 15, 2015, FCW


GSA wants input on fixing Multiple Award Schedules

December 22, 2014, Federal Times

EAGLE II protest odyssey nears an end

December 19, 2014, Federal Times

GSA and OMB collecting more data for Prices Paid Portal

December 11, 2014, Federal News Radio

GSA News

December 2, 2014, Federal News Radio

Veterans Affairs News

November 13, 2014, Federal News Radio

Roger Waldron on Missing Pieces of Procurement Reform

October 16, 2014, Federal News Radio

Roger Waldron on Cost-Saving Strategies for Data Reporting Requirements

September 30, 2014, Federal News Radio

EAGLE II Protest Odyssey Nears an End 

September 10, 2014, Federal Times

Roger Waldron on GSA Contract Duplication

August 25, 2014, Federal Times

Roger Waldron: Price Reduction Clause Could Slow Cloud on Schedule 70

July 28, 2014, Federal Times

Compensation Cap Could Cost Contractors

July 3, 2014, Federal Times

Vendors Getting Mixed Messages on Cybersecurity

May 22, 2014, FCW

The Multiple-Award Double Standard, Part II

May 16, 2014, Federal Times

CGP Challenges GSA’s Telecom Services Strategy

May 5, 2014, FCW

The Multiple-Award Double Standard

April 8, 2014, Federal Times

Roger Waldron on FSSI Protests

March 18, 2014, Federal News Radio

The danger in GSA’s supplier relationship

February 24, 2014, Federal Times

The cruicial missing piece in GSA’s goals

January 24, 2014, Federal Times

Watch out for standardized labor categories

January 8, 2014, FCW


GSA may offer more cost-reimbursable contracts

December 13, 2013, Federal Times

Bump in executive contractor compensation leaves everyone unhappy

December 5, 2013, FCW

Botched rollout energizes IT reform efforts

December 1, 2013, Federal Times

Can IT procurement be saved

November 18, 2013, FCW

Uncertainty plagues contractors post-shutdown

October 17, 2013, Federal News Radio

Small business contractors to feel burden of government shutdown

October 3, 2013, Federal News Radio

IT pricing policies are dinosaurs, say contractors

September 18, 2013, FCW

Is OASIS too complex?

August 1, 2013, FCW

A new framework for acquiring professional services

March 17, 2013, Federal Times

Agencies begin to outline furloughs, other sequester cost-cutting

March 4, 2013, Federal Times

Can interagency contracting regain a good rep?

February 19, 2013, FCW

Services pose acquisition challenge

January 28, 2013, FCW


OMB renews mandatory-use fears

December 7, 2012, FCW

Industry Groups Demand Changes to Issa’s IT Reform Bill

December 3, 2012, Nextgov

Roger Waldron:  Contract Program Open Seasons

October 28, 2012, Federal Times

Incentives: Cheering on the bargain shoppers

September 24, 2012, Federal Computer Week

Data-sharing is good … when agencies do it right

September 13, 2012, Federal Computer Week

Found in translation: How one person unites a leadership team

September 7, 2012, Federal Computer Week

Analysis: Some Long-Term Contracts put Government at a Disadvantage

September 5, 2012, Federal Computer Week

Tom Sisti: Budget Cuts Mean Less Contract Duplication

July 20, 2012 Executive Government

Navy Sharpens Acquisition Pencil to Find Savings

July 19, 2012 Federal News Radio

Smaller Budgets May Force Streamlining of Duplicative Contract Vehicles

July 18, 2012 Federal Times

GSA Hopes OASIS Dries Up Duplication

July 18, 2012 Federal Computer Week

Growth in Federal Contracts Called Unsustainable

July 18, 2012 Government Executive

Cutting Through the Red Tape in Government Procurement

July 10, 2012 Industry Market Trends

GSA’s OASIS Contract to streamline professional service offerings

June 26, 2012 Federal News Radio

GSA Prepares to Close Commodity Schedules

June 13, 2012 FierceGov

Comments by Roger Waldron

Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act (1994)

June 13, 2012 Federal News Radio

Comments by Roger Waldron

Services Acquisition Reform Act (2003)

June 13, 2012 Federal News Radio

Comments by Roger Waldron

Creating BPAs that ensure contractor competition

June 7, 2012 GovPro

GSA helps feds walk the straight and narrow

June 7, 2012 Federal Computer Week

The Coalition holds quarterly MAS Basic Training workshop 

June 4, 2012

The Coalition drafts BPA best practice list

June 4, 2012

GSA Expo turns into a smaller, toned down affair

May 17, 2012 Federal News Radio

Comments by Roger Waldron

VA’s Frye stirs debate with reverse auction explanation

May 16, 2012 Federal Computer Week

House drops DoD request to change definition of commercial products

May 14, 2012 Federal News Radio

DOD moves to change rules for buying commercial products

May 1, 2012 Federal Computer Week

DoD faces struggles on path toward ‘better buying power’

April 30, 2012 Federal News Radio

DOD puts its acquisition procedures under a microscope

 April 27, 2012 Federal Computer Week

GSA readies draft RFP for $12B OASIS contract

April 26, 2012 Washington Technology

The Coalition for Government Procurement Hires Carolyn Alston

April 23, 2012

Senate hearing looks at contractor costs to government
April 4, 2012 GovPro

“Unfortunate” GSA Situation Not Expected to Harm Contractors 
April 3, 2012 GovWin

Coalition Comments on the Leadership Transition at the General Services Administration
April 3, 2012

Controlling contract costs spurs more questions, few answers
March 30, 2012 Federal News Radio

Coalition Submits Written Testimony on Government Contractor Hearing
March 29, 2012

Lieberman, Collins have common sense, group says
February 16, 2012 Federal Computer Week

Senators Collins and Lieberman Awarded Common Sense in Government Procurement Award
February 16, 2012

Are you ready for life in the low-cost era?
February 1, 2012 Washington Technology

Industry group warns against mandates for small-biz opportunities
January 23, 2012 Federal Computer Week

What role will contractors play in new DoD strategy
January 9, 2012 Federal News Radio

Obama, Panetta outline strategy for more than $450B in defense cuts
January 5, 2012  Federal Computer Week

The Coalition for Government Procurement Launches New FAR and Beyond Blog
January 5, 2012

The Coalition for Government Procurement and Priorities for 21st Century Defense
January 5, 2012


Johnson: GSA testbed of energy efficiency, savings
December 13, 2011 Federal News Radio

Analysis: Criteria for new OFPP administrator
November 3, 2011 Federal News Radio

Does EyakTek scandal mean trouble for Alaskan firms?
October 6, 2011 Federal Computer Week

Could the ANC bribery scandal happen to anyone?
October 6, 2011 Washington Technology

Excellence in Partnership Awards Winners Announced
October 6, 2011

Last-minute tips as the end of the federal fiscal year approaches
September 13, 2011 GovPro

Tight budgets prompt IT cutbacks
August 14, 2011 Federal Times

58 More Shopping Days
August 4, 2011 FedTechBisnow

Analyst: $120B in federal purchases from now to Oct. 1
August 3, 2011 Washington Business Journal

Fourth quarter spending spree expected to hit $120B
August 3, 2011 Washington Technology

Analyst: $120 billion in federal purchases between now and Oct. 1
August 2, 2011 Federal Times

Defense takes big cuts in debt deal
August 2, 2011 Federal Computer Week
Comments by Roger Waldron

Training session for vendors looking to land federal business
June 30, 2011 GovPro
Comments by Roger Waldron


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