On January 9, 2013, the Coalition for Government Procurement will host a Forum entitled “Planning for the GSA Expo.” FAS’s Tami Riggs, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Customer Accounts and Research and her team will join us for a dialogue focusing on the schedule, logistics, and theme for this year’s conference in Orlando, Florida.  Attendees will have an opportunity to engage with Tami and her team on the latest planning information for the GSA Expo.  This event will provide important information for contractors making plans now regarding their participation in the GSA Expo.  This event will be a precursor to GSA opening up booth sales to contractors later in January.  In sum, the event is a “must attend” for those planning and budgeting for GSA Expo 2013.  For more information and to register, please click here.   

Training, Education, Dialogue, and Conversation leading to insight and understanding across the procurement community.  That’s the GSA Expo!  Over the years I have attended the GSA Expo both as a GSA employee and as a representative from the private sector.  I have also been honored to participate in the Expo’s training program for government and contractor acquisition professionals.  The GSA Expo provides a wonderful service through its educational offerings for the entire procurement workforce.  Just as important, it brings together GSA, its customer agencies and contractors for a Myth-Busters dialogue on key procurement and program initiatives, issues, and challenges.  The insight and understanding gained through these exchanges improves the procurement system for all.

Better insight and understanding leads to better outcomes for the taxpayer! That’s why the 2013 GSA Expo is so important—it is an opportunity to demonstrate the vital role GSA’s procurement programs and its contractors play in delivering best value mission  support for customer agencies and the taxpayer.  It is also a wonderful opportunity for GSA to bring all its stakeholders together for a Myth-Busters dialogue on two key focus areas, modernizing the GSA schedules program and strategic sourcing.  The Coalition is ready to host such a “summit” meeting during the Expo We look forward to working with GSA towards such a meeting.

But first things first—we are looking forward to see you all on at the January 9  Forum: Planning for GSA Expo.  Don’t miss this first conversation in our continuing GSA Expo dialogue!