The Coalition’s 2011 Fall Conference will be held on October 27th and 28th at the Crystal Gateway Marriot. The theme for the conference is “Myth-Busters, Partnerships and Challenges.” The goal of the conference is to bring Government and industry together to discuss key issues and challenges facing the Federal procurement system. In particular, the conference will focus on interagency contracting initiatives and the Multiple Award Schedule program.

With the current Federal fiscal and procurement challenges, effective communication between Government and industry is vital to improving contract outcomes and ensuring best value for the taxpayer. Sound and effective communication leads to better understanding of government requirements on the part of industry. Better industry understanding of requirements will enhance competition and improve contract performance. It will save Government and industry money. In turn, it is important for industry to share its views on the impact government unique requirements can have on costs and competition. In my view, the Myth-Busters campaign is about learning. Learning is vital to opportunity, growth and success.

The Coalition’s Fall Conference will be a wonderful learning opportunity. We will have executive panels focusing on the following: (1) MAS Pricing Policies, Practices, and Audits; (2) Strategic Sourcing and Contract Duplication; (3) Sustainable Acquisition and Current Initiatives to Green the Government; and (4) Legal Update—the latest on compliance. We look forward to hearing from senior executive leaders who play leading roles in these key areas.

We have also reengineered our breakout sessions this year. The breakout sessions will be structured around our 10 committees. Working with GSA, our committee leadership will identify 2-3 key discussion topics that will be the focus of the breakout sessions. The goal of the breakout sessions is to engage in a productive dialogue that increases mutual understanding of the key procurement issues. We are also looking forward to a panel discussion focusing on the “Post 9/11 Procurement World.” What impact did 9/11 and the succeeding events have on our procurement system and where are we headed?

Dan Gordon, Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy, and the author of the Myth-Busters campaign, will be the featured speaker at the Fall Conference. Steve Kempf, FAS Commissioner has also agreed to speak during the lunch session. Steve Schooner, Professor and Co-Director of the Government Procurement Law Program, George Washington University, will be speaking on the key procurement issues of the day. Based on the information being covered in this Conference it will benefit members to extend invitations to their general counsels and strategic planners.

We look forward to seeing you there and learning!