EIP Awards

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2018 Excellence in Partnership Awards

The Excellence in Partnership (EIP) Awards honor individuals and organizations in the acquisition community who have made significant contributions to the procurement system that deliver best value and meet agency missions. Historically, these awards have been given to individuals, organizations, and contractors involved in procurement with GSA, VA, DOD, DHS, and other government agencies.

The Coalition is excited to announce that is now accepting nominations for the 19th Annual EIP Awards celebration! Nominations are now closed!

Read more about the award categories below:

  • Lifetime Acquisition Excellence Award

Presented to an individual in the government contracting community for demonstrating a long-term commitment to career excellence.

  • Acquisition Savings Award

Presented to an organization or individual for developing solutions resulting in savings to the government and taxpayer.

  • Veteran’s Employment Award

Presented to a government agency or contractor or individual for promoting and executing a successful veteran program.

  • Contract Streamlining Award

Presented to an organization or individual for efficiently using/creating resources that simplify processes or systems in the procurement and contracting environment.

  • Increasing Competition Award

Presented to an organization or individual for pursuing best value solutions through enhanced competition.

  • Improving Transparency Award

Presented to an organization or individual (government or contractor) for improving and maintaining an effective bridge of communication between government and industry.

Click here to submit your nomination for the 2018 EIP Awards before the October 19, 2018 deadline.