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VA Contracting

These resources pertain to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare contracting policies and programs. The Coalition responds to VA requests for feedback, provides best practice recommendations, and educates contractors on the latest VA developments on:

  • VA FSS
  • VA Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor (MSPV)
  • VA Pharmaceutical
  • VA Supply Chain Modernization
  • Prosthetics/Surgical Implants
  • E-Commerce
  • VA Organization/Management
  • Webinars


White Paper: Recommendations to Streamline the VA FSS (11/27/2018)

Resale of Drugs through the FSS Program (2/27/18)

VA Multiple Award Schedule Quick Fixes


Letter on Acquisition Strategy for the Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor (MSPV) Program (3/11/22)

MSPV Letter to VA CAO Michael Parrish (01/24/22)

MSPV Transition Principles (01/24/22)

Questions on the MSPV 2.0 Supplier BPAs (7/18/19)

Best Practices for Establishing Commercial Agreements (6/3/19)

VA’s MSPV 2.0 Acquisition Strategy (5/2/19)

Questions on the VA’s MSPV 2.0 Solicitation (4/4/19)

RFI MSPV 2.0 Distribution Draft SOW (2/1/19)

MSPV 2.0 Best Value Attributes (10/18/2018)

MSPV Program: Testimony before the House Committee on Veterans Affairs (12/7/17)

MSPV Draft SOO Feedback (11/9/17)

VA SAC MSPV Catalogue Comments (2/24/16)

MPSV NG Solicitations Comments (8/8/17)

VA Pharmaceutical

Temporary Suspension of Visits by Drug Representatives Policy Letter (8/4/21)

VA Proposed Rule on Drug and Drug-Related Supply Promotion by Pharmaceutical Sales- Comment (7/12/10)

VA Supply Chain Modernization

Medical Supply Chain Commercial Best Practices Compared to VA (8/23/23)

IT Industry Input on the VA Supply Chain Assessment

VA Supply Chain Modernization (04/06/21)

Oral Statement before the House Veterans Affairs Subcommittee: Modernizing the VA Supply Chain (09/16/2020) 

Written Testimony before the House Veterans Affairs Subcommittee: Modernizing the VA Supply Chain (09/16/2020) 

VA Supply Chain Testimony before the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs (6/09/2020)

VA Supply Chain Oral Statement before the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs (6/09/2020)

Prosthetics and Surgical Implants

VA Secretary on Late Payments for Surgical Implants Letter (6/6/17)

VA Secretary on Late Payments for Surgical Implants Letter (5/4/17) 


Letter to VA Inquiring about Amazon Business Portal (4/28/20)

VA E-Commerce RFI (3/2/18)

VA Organization/Management

VA’s Reorganization Feedback (8/2/17)


VA Covered Drug Price Updates

Pricing Training for Covered Drugs

Obtaining and Administrating a Federal Supply Schedule

VA FSS Pharmaceutical Pricing Overview

Federal Pharmaceutical Contracting During COVID-19

What SDVOSBs and VOSBs Need to Know

Public Law Pricing Updates for Covered Drugs

MSPV-NG Update

The Latest on MSPV-NG from the VA

Pharmaceutical Webinar: Federal Market Access

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