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Contract Policy & Requirements

The Coalition provides updates and educates members on the latest contracting policy and requirements from the Federal Government in areas including:

  • GSA Pricing Policy
  • DoD Pricing Policy
  • Drug Pricing Policy
  • Cloud Policy
  • Inflation/Economic Price Adjustment
  • Transactional Data Reporting
  • Pay Equity and Transparency
  • Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) Reporting
  • Acquisition Data and Information
  • Domestic and Foreign Sourcing Requirements
  • Cybersecurity Requirements
  • Sustainability Requirements
  • COVID-19 Contracting
  • Webinars

GSA Pricing Policy

Coalition Letter on Federal Supply Schedule Economic Price Adjustment (01/17/24)

Coalition Letter to Erv Koehler and Comments on MAS Policy Improvements

Coalition Letter to FAS Assistant Commissioner (Office of Policy and Compliance) Mark Lee on FSS PAP, 2021-05, Evaluation of FSS Program Pricing (09/20/23)

Reverse Auction Proposed Rule Comments (02/05/21)

Information Collection 3090-0235 Federal Supply Schedule Pricing Disclosures and Sales Reporting (1/27/20)

Comments on FSS Pricing Disclosures and Sales Reporting (10/30/19)

FSS Pricing Disclosure Information Collection (7/29/19)

DoD Pricing Policy

Coalition Comments on DFARS Case 2018 – D074, Inapplicability of Additional Defense-Unique Laws and Certain Non-Statutory DFARS Clauses to Commercial Item Contracts (1/16/24)

Coalition Comments on “Expediting Contract Closeout” Proposed Rule (6/09/20)

Coalition Feedback on 3610 Reimbursement (5/22/20)

DOD Guidebook for Acquiring Commercial Items Comments (5/8/17) 

DoD Efficiency Effort to Reduce Non-Value Added Costs- Comment (3/3/11)

Drug Pricing Policy

Comments on Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Drug Price Negotiation Program (6/20/23)

Comments on FSS Pricing Disclosures and Sales Reporting (10/30/19)

Cloud Policy

Cloud BPA RFI Comments (10/14/21)

Procurement of Cloud Computing on a Consumption Basis Draft Acquisition Letter #2 (5/28/2021)

Procurement of Cloud Computing on a Consumption Basis Draft Acquisition Letter (2/5/20)

More Flexibility Needed for GSA to Deliver Cloud Services (10/23/18)

JEDI Draft Solicitation #2 Feedback (4/30/18)

JEDI Draft Solicitation Feedback (3/21/18)

Request for Extension on JEDI Draft Solicitation Feedback (3/14/18)

Inflation/Economic Price Adjustment

Coalition Comments on Federal Supply Schedule Economic Price Adjustment Rule Change (1/16/24)

Letter to GSA on “Highly Competitive” in MAS Solicitation (5/31/23)

Critical Needs to Address Inflation on Contracts (02/09/22)

Transactional Data Reporting

Letter to GSA FAS Commissioner on Transactional Data Reporting (3/6/23)

Comments on Transactional Data Reporting (10/21/22)

Transactional Data Reporting Information Collection (7/29/19)

Implementation of Transactional Data Reporting Pilot Letter  (8/10/16)

Congressional Testimony on Transactional Data Reporting (6/25/15)

Summary–Transactional Data Proposed Rule Comments (5/2/2015)

Full–Transactional Data Proposed Rule Comments (5/2/2015)

Transactional Data Proposed Rule_Summary (3/4/15)


Letter on SEWP VI Draft RFP (12/8/23)

Pay Equity and Transparency

Comments on FAR Council Proposed Rule on Pay Equity and Transparency (04/02/23)

Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) Reporting

Comments on GSA Information Collection Extension for FFATA Subaward and Executive Compensation Reporting Requirements (04/15/24)

Acquisition Data and Information

Comments on OMB’s Proposed Circular, Strategic Management of Acquisition Data and Information (01/17/24)

Domestic Sourcing Requirements

Comments on Buy American NPR (10/27/21)

DoD Supply Chain EO Comments (04/28/21)

Domestic Preferences Letter to USTR (9/26/19)

Free Trade Agreements Comments(9/18/17)

Cyber Requirements

Cover Letter and Comments on OMB AI RFI, Responsible Procurement of Artificial Intelligence in Government (04/29/24)

Comments on CMMC Proposed Rule (02/26/24)

Implementation of Federal Acquisition Supply Chain Security Act (FASCSA) Orders Comments (02/2/24)

Standardizing Cybersecurity Requirements for Unclassified Federal Information Systems Comments (02/2/24)

Cyber Threat and Incident Reporting Comments (02/2/24)

Comments on Federal Acquisition Regulation Interim Rule: Prohibition on a ByteDance Covered Application (08/1/23)

Comments on NIST SP 800-171 R3 Initial Public Draft (07/14/23)

Additional Comments on NIST SP 800-171 R3 Initial Public Draft (07/14/23)

Comments on CISA Draft Software Self-Attestation Form (6/26/23)

Comments on CMMC Assessment Process (08/24/22)

What Federal Contractors Need to Know About Section 889

CMMC Comments (12/4/2020)

Section 889 “Part B” Comments (9/11/2020)

Comments on GSA Bilateral Modification to Implement Section 889 (9/24/19)

Sustainability Requirements

Comments on GSA’s Proposed Rule on Single-Use Plastics (02/26/24)

Comments on Proposed Rule for Disclosure of GHG Emissions and Climate-Related Financial Risk (2/13/23)

Comments on GSA ANPR on Single-Use Plastics and Packaging (09/06/22)

 Comments in Response to the “Minimizing the Risk of Climate Change in Federal Acquisitions” Advance Notice (01/13/22)

DARS Sustainability Comments (9/7/21)

COVID-19 Contracting

Webinar: Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate Executive Order (September 24, 2021)

Webinar: A Discussion on the Recent Report, Top Challenges Facing Federal Agencies COVID-19 Emergency Relief and Response Efforts, and how Contractors Can Prepare for Inspector General Audits and Investigations (July 2, 2020)

Webinar: The Shifting Shape of the COVID-19 Response for Commercial Companies (April 16, 2020)

Webinar: Key Provisions Under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the “CARES” Act) (April 8, 2020)

Webinar: The New Normal of Government Contracting – How to Keep Performing and Mitigate Business Risks During a Pandemic (April 7, 2020)

Webinar: Part II of the Coalition’s Federal Contractor’s COVID-19 Survival Guide (April 2, 2020)

Webinar: Is Your Business “Essential” and Who Decides? (March 27, 2020)

Webinar: Defense Production Act: What Contractors Need to Know (March 24, 2020)

Webinar: Federal Contractor’s COVID-19 Survival Guide (March 19, 2020)


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