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Annual membership dues are based upon total government sales of commercial products and services for the previous government fiscal year, including sales made by the company itself as well as sales by others from which the company benefits. All Federal contractors fall into one of the Standard levels of membership, but have the option to upgrade to Premier, Executive, or Keystone Membership.

Companies that are not Federal contractors, but sell products and services to Federal contractors, will join at the Affiliate level or have the option to upgrade to Premier, Strategic Partner, or Keystone Membership.

Membership is corporatewide and runs for 12 months from receipt of the membership application.

To learn more about the benefits of membership or to receive additional information contact Heather Tarpley at or 202.315.1055.

Dues amounts effective Jan 1, 2024 through Dec 31, 2024.

Membership TierAnnual Coalition Dues
Standard Member Small Business (Under $5 million rev.)$1,750
Standard Member Low ($5 to $15 million rev.)$3,975
Standard Member High (Over $15 million rev.)$7,500
Affiliate Member (Law Firm, Association, Consulting Co., or other non-federal contractor)$6,000
Premier Member$10,750
Executive Member$36,750
Keystone Member$52,500

Fill out our Membership Application online to join today!

Point of Contact:
Heather Tarpley
Vice President of Business Development & Sales
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