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DoD Contracting

These resources pertain to the Department of Defense (DoD) and subsidiary agencies like the Defense Health Agency (DHA) and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). We respond to DoD’s requests for feedback, provide best practice recommendations, and educate contractors. The documents on this page cover:

  • DoD Contracting and Pricing Policies
  • DoD Contracting Vehicles
  • Cyber and Supply Chain
  • FedMall
  • Healthcare for Military Service Members and Families

DoD Contracting and Pricing Policies

Comments on Reducing Barriers of Entry for Small Businesses (10/25/21)

Coalition Comments on “Expediting Contract Closeout” Proposed Rule (6/09/20)

Coalition Feedback on 3610 Reimbursement (5/22/20)

Comments on the Removal of PSCs from DLA Contracts (2/19/19)

Air Force Seating II Program RFI Letter (8/4/17)

Joint Association Letter to the House Armed Services Committee on Defense Acquisition Streamlining and Transparency Act (6/13/17)

DOD Guidebook for Acquiring Commercial Items Comments (5/8/17) 

Streamlining DoD Contracting Recommendations (3/4/16)

DoD and Contractor Dialogue on Sequestration (3/5/13)

Contract Duplication Memorandum to DOD, GSA and OMB- Letter (11/16/12)

Safeguarding Unclassified DoD Information- Comment (12/16/11)

DoD Efficiency Effort to Reduce Non-Value Added Costs- Comment (3/3/11)

DoD Contracting Vehicles

SeaPort-e RFI Response (7/1/16)

JEDI Draft Solicitation #2 Feedback (4/30/18)

JEDI Draft Solicitation Feedback (3/21/18)

Request for Extension on JEDI Draft Solicitation Feedback (3/14/18)

ENCORE III Letter to USD AT&L (12/4/15)

ENCORE III Letter to USD AT&L (10/15/15)

DoD Cyber and Supply Chain

Comments on the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Program (02/26/24)

Comments on CMMC Assessment Process (08/24/22)

DoD Supply Chain EO Comments (04/28/21)

CMMC Comments (12/4/2020)

DoD Cloud Contracting – RFI Response to Cloud Executive Steering Group (11/17/17)


Letter on Inapplicability of Certain DFARS Clauses to Commercial Items (01/16/24)

DARS Sustainability Comments (9/7/21)

DPAP E-Commerce Letter (2/28/18)

Comments on DFARS Case 2013-D034 Evaluating Fair and Reasonableness for Commercial Items (11/13/15)

DPAP Interagency Acquisition Policy Review (9/26/13)

DFARS Only One Offer- Comment (9/23/11)

DFARS Organizational Conflicts of Interest- Comment (7/21/10)


FedMall Enhancement Survey Final Report (8/29/18)

FedMall Transition Letter (8/15/17)


Webinar: Mining the Data: The DoD Uniform Formulary Drug Utilization (9/15/23)

UFDUR Report Comments (3/17/21)

Military Healthcare Fraud & Abuse Program Proposed Rule (7/1/19)

Comments to DHA TRICARE Regulations (1/24/18)

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