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The Coalition informs its members about the latest sustainability requirements and Federal programs for contractors. The following Coalition documents are public comments and letters to:

  • Sustainability Executive Orders
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting
  • Ecolabels Used in Federal Procurement
  • Federal Sustainability Programs
  • Single-Use Plastics

Sustainability Executive Orders

Sustainable Acquisition- Comment (8/1/11)

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting

Comments on Proposed Rule for Disclosure of GHG Emissions and Climate-Related Financial Risk (2/13/23)

Comments in Response to the “Minimizing the Risk of Climate Change in Federal Acquisitions” Advance Notice (01/13/22)

DARS Sustainability Comments (9/7/21)

Ecolabels Used in Federal Procurement

Coalition Response Re: EPA-HQ-OPPT-2013-0579 EcoLabels in Federal Procurement (4/25/14)

Letter to GSA Section 13 Interagency Working Group on Ecolabels (7/28/11)

Federal Sustainability Programs

Coalition Response Re: RFI—GSA Assessment of EPEAT and ENERGY STAR Applicability to Products under SIN 132 (8/4/14)

ENERGY STAR (10/21/13)

Single-Use Plastics

Comments on GSA ANPR on Single-Use Plastics and Packaging (09/06/22)

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