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Pharmaceutical Pricing Summer Webinar Series

Welcome to the “Pharmaceutical Pricing Fun in the Sun Summer Webinar Series”! Join us for five weeks in July and August as we dive into the intricate and dynamic world of pharmaceutical contracts and pricing. This five-part series is designed to enlighten and engage professionals across the industry, offering invaluable insights into pricing strategies, regulations, market trends, and much more. 


  • Stephen Ruscus, Partner at BakerHostetler 
  • Greg Madden, Managing Member at Orlaithe Consulting 

To register for the webinar series, click here. For any assistance with registration, please contact Madyson Whiting at

July 11: Don’t Mistake an AMP for a WAMP – Key Characteristics for 5 Key Federal Health Care Programs 

Join us on July 11 for the first part of the Pharmaceutical Pricing “Fun in the Sun” Summer Webinar Series. In this detailed webinar, presenters Stephen and Greg will break down the essential characteristics of five key federal healthcare programs, including: Medicaid; Medicare Part B; Medicare Part D; The 340B Program; and The VA Veterans Healthcare Act 

During the webinar, Stephen and Greg will discuss the critical distinctions between Average Manufacturer Price (AMP) and Weighted Average Manufacturer Price (WAMP) and their implications for both brand and generic drugs. Additionally, they will highlight and discuss a top issue impacting each program, providing you with the insights needed to stay compliant in this evolving landscape. Register today to gain a comprehensive understanding of these programs and their impact on pharmaceutical pricing. 

July 18: The FSS Contract – 5 Key Legal, Pricing, Compliance, Finance and Contracts Issues 

Join us on July 18 for an in-depth webinar focused on the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Program. This session will explore five key aspects of an FSS contract that are recognized as essential by legal, pricing, compliance, finance, and contracts professionals. Stephen and Greg will provide valuable insights into the intricacies of negotiating and managing FSS contracts for brand drugs, generic drugs, and medical devices. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the strategic considerations, regulatory requirements, pricing strategies, and compliance issues critical to maintaining successful FSS agreements. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and ensure your organization’s adherence to best practices in FSS contracting. 

July 25: Public Law Season Is Fast Approaching – What Do I Do? 

As public law season rapidly approaches, it is crucial to stay informed and prepared, especially for drugs marketed under New Drug Applications (NDAs) and Biologics License Applications (BLAs). Join us on July 25 for a timely and informative webinar as Stephen and Greg will guide you through the essential steps to navigate public law season. 

During the webinar, Stephen and Greg will cover the latest compliance requirements and strategic considerations that impact pricing, including: 

  • Why and how are my prices capped? 
  • What is the calculation? 
  • What are 5 key considerations for my organization in reporting pricing? 
  • What are the relevant processes and timetables? 
  • How does the statutory calculation affect my contracts? 

 Don’t miss this opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to successfully navigate the upcoming public law season. 

August 1: Domestic Sourcing Requirements – The Old and the New 

we are pleased to have Stephen and Greg present an insightful webinar dedicated to understanding the evolving landscape of domestic sourcing requirements for brand drugs, generic drugs, and medical devices. This session will delve into both the established regulations and the latest updates affecting sourcing practices, including: 

  • The Buy American Act;  
  • Critical Component and Critical Item Heightened Requirements 
  • Increasing Component Cost Requirements 
  • The Trade Agreements Act; and 
  • Political Developments Focusing Domestic Sourcing Requirements on China and National Security. 

During the webinar, Stephen and Greg will discuss the implications of these requirements on supply chains, compliance strategies, and overall business operations. Attendees will gain a comprehensive overview of these requirements and learn how to navigate the complexities of domestic sourcing in today’s market. 

August 15: The FSS Contract Revisited – Handling 5 Other Key Issues 

On August 15, we will wrap up the summer webinar series with Part 2 of our deep dive into the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Program. Building on the foundational knowledge shared in our previous session, “The FSS Contract – 5 Key Things Legal, Pricing, Compliance, Finance, and Contracts All Agree Are Important,” this webinar will address five additional critical and emerging aspects of FSS contract compliance that are not price related. 

During this webinar, Stephen and Greg will provide advanced insights and address additional complex issues related to negotiating, managing, and maintaining FSS contracts for brand drugs, generic drugs, and medical devices. Whether you attended the first webinar or are new to the topic, this session will enhance your understanding and help ensure your organization’s success in the FSS contracting landscape. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your expertise and stay current with best practices in FSS contracting. 

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