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Addressing the Cyber Risks of e-Commerce

As cyber and supply chain issues continue to evolve, now, perhaps more so than ever before, the success of the Federal procurement system is contingent upon the government’s ability to

The e-Commerce Crossroad: Where is the Market Headed?

Today the Coalition submitted comments in response to the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Request for Information (RFI) regarding commercial e-Commerce portals. Specifically, the RFI sought feedback on several draft documents

Strategic Principles for the e-Commerce Platform Pilot

Earlier this week, the Coalition’s e-Commerce Working Group submitted written comments in response to the General Services Administration’s (GSA) December 15, 2017 notice, which solicited feedback regarding an e-Commerce pilot

E-commerce and the Federal Government: How to Make It Work?

The Coalition for Government Procurement (the Coalition) has long supported efforts to streamline Federal procurement processes, modernize procurement policies, and utilize commercial practices to the maximum extent practicable.  Common sense