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Compliance Training on St. Patrick’s Day

Given the highly complex and, at times, costly nature of regulatory compliance, audits, and oversight, the Coalition is committed to providing member firms with the latest information and highest quality training on procurement programs, policies, and regulatory requirements.

Accordingly, last July, the Coalition launched the Pricing and Regulatory Compliance Oversight (PRCO) Committee to address cross-cutting pricing, audit, and regulatory compliance issues that have arisen across our committees. The PRCO offers member firms quarterly meetings to address compliance best practices, as well as receive updates on changes in compliance requirements, pricing regulations, and audits. The PRCO, however, is not limited to purely commercial item contracting. Ongoing efforts at the Coalition have been directed at expanding our member services to include guidance and information, as appropriate, on cost-reimbursement contracting related issues. In addition, the Coalition intends for the PRCO to reach out to the oversight community to engage in a Myth-Busters dialogue on key compliance challenges across the procurement system.

In its first meeting of 2016 just two weeks ago, the PRCO hosted the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Inspector General (IG) Carol Ochoa. In a broad and informative discussion with Coalition members, IG Ochoa shared information regarding her office’s current priorities and initiatives, as well as her own desires for the GSA IG office moving forward. The Coalition sincerely appreciates the IG team’s engagement with member firms to make the meeting such a success.

To continuing this mission to providing the latest and best information to our members, the Coalition is excited to be hosting a webinar this St. Patrick’s Day, from 12:00pm – 1:00 pm, with special guest Tom Brady, (Not that one!) Director, Supplier Management Division, GSA/FAS/Office of Acquisition Management. Mr. Brady will be discussing “Yearly Contract Assessments – One Year Later” and “The Future: Category Management & the IOAs.” The webinar promises to be a great opportunity for a Myth-Busters dialogue regarding what has, and has not, worked in moving to the Yearly Assessment.

Significantly, members will have the opportunity to discuss many meaningful compliance issues associated with the Yearly Assessment, such as Contract Clause 552.215-71 (Examination of Records) and the role of the Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA), and have any outstanding questions resolved in what promises to be an informative and genuine dialogue between industry and government. I highly recommend all contractor compliance managers, general counsel, contracting officers, and executives responsible for management and oversight of compliance to attend this webinar. To register for the webinar click here.



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