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Happy Holidays and Thank You

This week marks the last Friday Flash of 2016.

Thank you to all the Coalition members for your strong support throughout the year towards our collective efforts in promoting common sense acquisition policies and procedures that deliver best value mission support for customer agencies and the American people.  We truly appreciate the trust and faith you have shown in us.

Thank you as well to all the government acquisition professionals who participated with us in the ongoing dialogue regarding the opportunities and challenges facing the Federal procurement system.  And, thank you for your public service.

In the coming weeks, the Coalition will be focusing on the transition and identifying opportunities to work together to transform the procurement system. Progress on improving the procurement system simply cannot be made without healthy government-industry engagement.  We look forward to a wide-ranging, robust and productive Myth-Busters dialogue in 2017.

Finally, and most importantly, we wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and Best Wishes for 2017!


See you in the New Year!




Roger Waldron



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