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Phase II of Section 846 Implementation: An opportunity to Avoid Unintended Consequences

On June 21st, the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) will be hosting their second public meeting to discuss the implementation of Section 846,

Phase II of Section 846 Implementation: Answering the Questions Raised by GSA’s e-Commerce Implementation Plan

In March, GSA, in consultation with OMB, issued the Section 846 implementation plan, “Procurement Through Commercial E-Commerce Portals.”  As set forth in the statute, the implementation plan is the end-product

Urban Myths: Are GSA’s Prices Fair and Reasonable?

Over the years, some have questioned whether GSA Schedule prices are fair and reasonable, and such concerns have led to GSA launching efforts, such as Transactional Data Reporting and horizontal

GSA’s Public Meeting on Section 846: An Informative “Beginning of the Beginning”

This week, the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) hosted an Industry Day on Section 846 of the 2018 NDAA, “Procurement Through Commercial e-Commerce

This week’s Congressional Hearing on GSA: The Section 801 Discussion Continues…

Earlier this week, the House Subcommittees on Government Operations and Information Technology received testimony regarding the, “General Services Administration – Acquisition Oversight and Reform” (the hearing).   The subcommittees heard from

Merging FAS and TSS for the Future

Last week, the General Services Administration (GSA), announced the merging of the Technology Transformation Service (TTS) into the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS). Created in May 2016, TTS’s mission is to

GSA’s Role in the Presidential Transition: GSA Contract Vehicles Will Deliver Best Value Transition Support!

As you know, the General Services Administration (GSA) plays a key role in supporting the logistics of the Presidential Transition.  Currently, GSA headquarters is hosting each candidate’s Transition Team, providing

The GSA Federal Acquisition Training Symposium: Leading the Way to Acquisition Workforce Development.

  Advisory panels and acquisition executives from across Government and industry, for years, have recognized that a critical component of acquisition reform is a commitment to the professional development of

DHA and GSA: Addressing contract duplication and the role of IT Schedule 70

Last month the Defense Health Agency (DHA) announced its decision to partner with the General Services Administration (GSA) to satisfy its Health Information Technology (HIT) requirements. The Coalition applauds this

Inaugural Federal Times Blog Post: GSA’s Draft Strategic Plan for FY 2014 – 2018: Where is the $40 Billion Multiple Award Schedules program?

  For this week’s comment I wanted to share with you my inaugural blog post that was first published on the Federal Times’ Acquisition Blog (www.federaltimes.com). The post highlights Thought #2 “GSA’s Strategic