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GSA’s Role in the Presidential Transition: GSA Contract Vehicles Will Deliver Best Value Transition Support!

As you know, the General Services Administration (GSA) plays a key role in supporting the logistics of the Presidential Transition.  Currently, GSA headquarters is hosting each candidate’s Transition Team, providing necessary services and facilities, as the two teams prepare the infrastructure, organization, and implementation plans for the next President and Administration. GSA’s transition team support includes, but is not limited to, office space, furniture, office equipment, information technology, and incidental office supplies.

After the election, GSA will provide, upon request, transition support for the President-elect and the Vice President-elect.  This support includes–

  • office space
  • appropriate furnishings and furniture
  • office and IT equipment
  • office supplies
  • parking
  • fleet vehicles
  • mail management
  • payment of compensation for office staffs
  • payment of expenses for the procurement of experts and consultants communications services, and
  • payment of travel, subsistence, printing, postal, and other expenses as necessary and appropriate.

Upon request, GSA also supports the Presidential Inaugural Committee, the Armed Forces Inaugural Committee, and other governmental organizations supporting the Presidential Inauguration.  This support includes facilities/space, communications services/systems, IT services, financial management, telephones, parking furniture, vehicles, office equipment and supplies, mail management, and administrative support services.  Finally, as the outgoing President and Vice President transition to civilian life, GSA is there to provide support and services similar to those it gives the incoming President and Vice President.

As you can see, GSA is positioned uniquely to support the Presidential Transition.  GSA’s suite of government-wide contract vehicles, including the Multiple Award Schedules, IT GWACs, OASIS, Networx, and SmartPay, will provide comprehensive, holistic, and streamlined access to the best value commercial products and services necessary to support this effort.  Moreover, GSA’s Assisted Services can provide the necessary acquisition/contracting support to quickly execute and award task orders to meet transition needs.

Given the important substantive and symbolic nature of the Presidential Transition, GSA’s commitment to use its own contract vehicles will send a powerful message of confidence in the effectiveness of GSA’s government-wide contract vehicles to the incoming Administration.  The streamlined ordering procedures of the MAS, IT GWACs, and other GSA IDIQ contracts will ensure efficient and timely access to best value commercial solutions.  It also will reduce transactional costs (e.g. bid and proposal costs) for government and industry, and it will demonstrate the agency’s commitment to reducing unnecessary contract duplication.

Given the benefits associated with GSA’s reliance on its existing contract infrastructure, Coalition members recognize and support the strategy as basic “common sense,” and are ready to compete and deliver best value commercial products, services, and solutions to the Presidential Transition Support Team, the Inaugural Support Team, and the Outgoing Transition Team.

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