The Coalition for Government Procurement is the single most effective voice for commercial service and product companies selling in the federal market. For more than 35 years, the Coalition has brought together public and private sector procurement leaders to work towards the mutual goal of common sense acquisition. Members have access to the latest federal compliance and policy information, which serves as the foundation of a successful government business.


Coalition Delivers Recommendations to the Section 809 Panel

On September 29, the Coalition delivered 29 “Common Sense” Recommendations for improving Federal procurement to the Section 809 Panel. The recommendations cover specific areas for reform, such as methods for reducing contract duplication, implementation of Order Level Materials under the Schedules program, and improvements to LPTA source selection processes, debriefings, and more. In addition, the Coalition’s statement to the Section 809 Panel can be accessed here.

Emily Murphy Nominated as Next GSA Administrator

On September 2, the President Trump nominated Ms. Emily Murphy as the next Administrator of the General Services Administration (GSA). Ms. Murphy is an expert in Federal procurement policy and execution. The Coalition supports Ms. Murphy’s nomination – she will be a strong advocate for common sense in government procurement and will work tirelessly to craft best value procurement solutions that will ultimately lead to savings for the American taxpayer.

VA Secretary Offers Support with Resolving Late Payments

On August 7, David Shulkin, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA), sent a letter to Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN-3) offering the VA’s support in reconciling outstanding payments for medical devices. The number of outstanding invoices has increased because of a change in the VA’s procurement process for prosthetics – according to members, these outstanding invoices account for more than $20 million. Additionally, the Secretary committed to continuing meeting with the Coalition in order to resolve this issue.

Letter to Air Force Seating II Program RFI

On August 4, The Coalition recommended that SIN 71-1 be removed because the BPA, as described in the RFI, does not meet the criteria for GSA’s Packaged Office SIN. The removal of SIN 71-1 would be a non-complex change to the solicitation consistent with the
terms and conditions of Schedule 71 that would not significantly impact competition under the seating BPA.


Nov. 29 – Part II – Selling Commercial Professional Services to the Government: Beyond the Schedules- 12:00pm – 1:00PM

Part II of the webinar series will focus on the current environment for selling commercial services to the government as a prime or subcontractor, under FAR Part 12 contracts. We will review how the government procures commercial services, discuss recent legislative and policy actions, to include recent NDAAs, DCMA’s Commercial Item Group, and DoD’s proposed revisions to the Commercial Item Guidebook. We will discuss how to deal with the unique challenges of supporting commercial item determinations and substantiating fair and reasonable prices.  The webinar will cover the following topics and more:

  • How the government buys commercial services
  • Recent legislative and policy updates
  • Oversight & audit developments
  • Best practices for navigating the current operating environment
  • Facilitating commerciality determinations by your customers

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