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Announcing the 2023 Excellence in Partnership Award Recipients!

The Coalition for Government Procurement is thrilled to announce the 2023 recipients of the Excellence in Partnership (EIP) Awards! Established to spotlight excellence and innovation in the Federal procurement landscape, the EIP Awards honor the remarkable contributions made by individuals and organizations from both government and industry in shaping the acquisition system. The recipients of the 2023 EIP Awards demonstrated exemplary dedication, expertise, and commitment to advancing the partnership between government and industry. Their outstanding efforts were instrumental in delivering best value and achieving critical agency missions.

This year, we received nominations across four categories: Lifetime Acquisition Excellence, Acquisition Excellence, Sustainability/Green Excellence, and Advocating for Veterans. Thank you to our members for nominating qualified candidates and continuing to support the EIP Award’s mission of establishing a collaborative and effective procurement system. 

The Coalition is proud to recognize the awardees for their outstanding achievements, and we hope you join us at the Spring Training Conference on May 8-9 to honor the recipients in person!

Congratulations to the following 2023 EIP Awardees:

Lifetime Acquisition Excellence

Presented to individuals in the contracting community (government or industry) for demonstrating a life-long commitment to advancing “common sense in government procurement.”

George Prochaska, Program Operations Executive Director, Professional Services and Human Capital Categories, GSA

Throughout his career at GSA, George Prochaska acted as a pioneer in supporting collaboration between government and industry. George held several leadership positions within the agency, including Regional Commissioner of the Greater Southwest Region, and he served as the inaugural Government-wide Category Manager for Industrial Products and Services. During the formation of Government-wide Category Management, George established a Supplier Relationship Panel where he regularly met with vendors to understand their pain points and provide industry with insights into future trends and initiatives. Demonstrating his commitment to effective collaboration and innovation, George pioneered virtual industry visits during the COVID-19 pandemic allowing customers from across the government to see vendor facilities and ultimately establish connections. He also held weekly townhall meetings where he invited partners and customers provide updates. As an effective leader, George always strives to instill in his team the vision of a productive government-industry partnership.

Todd Richards, IDIQ Labs Creation Team Leader and ASTRO Program Manager, GSA

For 33 years, Todd Richards dedicated his career in government service as an innovator, leader, motivator, and veteran. Among Todd’s most notable achievements include serving as the Chief Architect and Designer of the most successful multiple award (MA) IDIQ contract program in GSA history, OASIS and OASIS Small Business. During the formation of the OASIS program, Todd invented and successfully executed the “Highest Technically Rated with Fair and Reasonable Pricing” source selection methodology, including a first-of-its-kind objective point-based proposal self-scoring worksheet. This innovative approach redefined the standard for all governmentwide MA IDIQs across the entire Federal Government. Todd, who also served as the Chief Architect and Designer of the highly successful ASTRO program, demonstrated his understanding of the importance of government and industry relationships, as evidenced by his client partnerships with the Army, Navy, Air Force, and others that resulted in billions of dollars of revenue transacted efficiently. Throughout his decorated career as an innovator, Todd made significant contributions to the procurement system that deliver transparency, streamlined processes, and best value to meet agency missions.

Kevin Lynch, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Industries for the Blind

Kevin Lynch dedicated the last 44 years of his outstanding career to creating meaningful employment for people who are blind, and, at the same time, provided Federal customers with reliable, high-quality, competitively priced products and services. Since joining the National Industries for the Blind (NIB) in 1994, Kevin held numerous leadership positions and has worked with its nearly 100 associated nonprofit agencies to help bring common sense to government procurement. Kevin’s effectiveness as a procurement leader can be seen through NIB’s growth, with product offerings exceeding 7,000 items, including over 4,400 from the NIB SKILCRAFT brand which are part of the AbilityOne Program and create meaningful employment opportunities for people who are blind. Kevin worked to innovate and streamline the procurement system in many ways, including by leading the launch of in 1999, a visionary e-commerce platform that is known today as His impressive list of accomplishments also includes spearheading NIB’s Contract Management Support Program, in which he partnered with the Defense Acquisition University to train employees who are blind on DoD’s acquisition process, Federal acquisition regulations, and more. Through this program, hundreds of people who are blind or have significant disabilities have built careers in contract administration. Kevin remains dedicated to not only advancing the procurement system, but also helping others.

Acquisition Excellence Award

Presented to an organization or individual for outstanding performance over the year in meeting the mission-critical needs of a Federal agency through a government contract.

The VA MSPV Program Triad – Craig Hilliard, Katie Hulse, and Mike Easley

The VA Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor (MSPV) Triad consisting of Craig Hilliard, Katie Hulse, and Mike Easley have proven to be dedicated procurement leaders committed to fostering a strong relationship between the VA and industry. Their coordinated management has led to sustained success and growth of the MSPV Program over the years, as well as an efficient and effective experience for medical supply industry stakeholders. To demonstrate their commitment to transparency and collaboration, the MSPV team hosted bi-weekly Office Hours for medical/surgical supply BPA holders where they share the latest updates on the program, as well as provide industry with a forum to raise any questions and concerns. In addition, they have spoken at multiple Coalition training conferences on the MSPV Panel, as well as dedicated extra time to meet one-on-one with industry representatives throughout the day. Craig, Katie, and Mike showcase an exceptional understanding of the procurement landscape and the importance of industry engagement, which leads to productive relationships, clear communication, and positive outcomes for all stakeholders. These three leaders always are willing to go above and beyond to address complex issues and promote a cooperative procurement system.

Nadya Popil & GSA’s Region 3 MAGIC Committee  

GSA’s Region 3 Mid Atlantic Government Industry Council (MAGIC) Committee, led by Nadya Popil, worked tirelessly to set a standard of collaboration and shared transparency for the Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS). The MAGIC Committee, which created a framework for government and industry collaboration with the GSA regions, held its inaugural in-person event in November 2019. In April 2023, the MAGIC Committee strongly supported the re-establishment of this in-person engagement and enhanced its value by ensuring participation from a majority of Region 3 AAS staff and working with industry in preparation of the event to develop topics and presentations of the highest interest. These efforts resulted in the most valued information exchanges to date and produced several strategic partnerships for government and industry. The MAGIC Committee’s high standard of interaction, relationship development, and transparency with industry to promote focused procurements helped the government to receive mission essential services and products in an efficient manner. 

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division, United States Navy

In fiscal year 2022, the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division (NSWCPD), in collaboration with the Contracting Department and Contracting Officer Representatives, successfully awarded 50 task orders on the Navy’s Big Blue III contract, representing approximately $78 million in contract ceiling in support of Navy modernization and alteration execution efforts. Big Blue III offers critical blue-collar installation and technical services with industry partners to upgrade the Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical (HM&E) systems and deploy technologies. These technologies improve availability, increase reliability, and boost ship mission readiness. They also decrease maintenance and workload requirements for machinery systems and components. The task orders awarded by NSWCPD’s support several high visibility Naval programs, such as Missile Guided Destroyer Modernization, Carrier Modernization, Electronic Charting Display & Information Systems, and Afloat Environmental Quality. In addition, the alterations executed under these task orders provided benefits of correcting mandatory safety items, addressing findings from a Navy Comprehensive Review and Design Review Board, resolving major obsolescence issues, and promoting commonality across systems supported by NSWCPD. NSWCPD’s efforts proved critical in supporting and providing best value for the Navy’s missions.

Advocating for Veterans Award

Presented to an organization or individual (government or contractor) for promoting and executing a successful program that supports veterans.

KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc.

Through best-in-class medical instruments and technologies, KARL STORZ strives to provide healthcare providers with innovative solutions to care for patients. As part of its efforts, KARL STORZ has placed an emphasis on supporting our nation’s veterans through multiple initiatives. KARL STORZ’s Federal Healthcare division, which contains segments for the VA, VHA, and DoD, provides product and procedural solutions in minimally invasive surgery for veterans at VA Medical Centers and for active-duty service members at Military Treatment Facilities. In addition, KARL STORZ works with the VA to improve workflow efficiency and patient safety in the operating room through its innovative OR1 solutions that deliver real-time data and images to all providers involved in a patient’s procedure. KARL STORZ aims to support not only veterans receiving care, but also those in the workplace. In 2023, they attended 14 military recruiting events across the country, offering job opportunities to veterans in several fields. They also established the Business Resource Advocates for Veteran Employees (BRAVE) in order to create a supportive and inclusive workplace environment for employees and candidates who are veterans and veteran family members. Through its efforts, KARL STORZ seeks to be employer of choice for veterans.

Sustainability/Green Excellence Award

Presented to a government agency or contractor that has made outstanding sustainability contributions to protect the environment.

Steve Schooner, Nash & Cibinic Professor of Government Contract Law and Jeffrey & Martha Kohn Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, The George Washington University Law School

Esteemed Professor Steve Schooner served as a leading voice for leveraging procurement funds to help reverse climate change. As a key instructor for the U.S. Trade and Development Agency’s Global Procurement Initiative, Steve traveled the world advocating and teaching how government procurement organizations can implement sustainability policies smartly in operational procurements. The Coalition utilized Steve’s expertise in sustainability and green procurement on several occasions, including at annual training conferences and through President Roger Waldron’s Off the Shelf podcast. In addition, Steve published many highly regarded pieces on the important role that procurement professionals play in mitigating the impacts of climate change. He appeared in interviews and was quoted in several publications on issues related to sustainable procurement, including Bloomberg, Federal News Network, and E&E News by Politico. Steve is respected not only in the U.S., but also worldwide for his knowledge and practical applications of improving sustainability efforts in all areas of government procurement.

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