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“Predictions” for 2014

For those returning to work this week—welcome back and Happy New Year!   As you know, the Coalition is celebrating our 35th Anniversary this year!  We have a proud history of service to the acquisition community to celebrate as we continue promoting common sense in government procurement.  As we start the year I want to take this opportunity to once again thank all our members for your support!  Without you, what we do would not be possible!

Now, as promised in last week’s blog, it is on to the fourteen “predictions” for 2014.  However, rather than focusing on “predictions,” this blog will highlight 14 key procurement items that are food for thought in 2014.  Much like last year, the FAR and Beyond Blog will tackle each of these items in more depth through subsequent FAR and Beyond Blogs via the Friday Flash.  In an effort to engage the procurement community, rather than me writing all fourteen blogs, we will be inviting individuals from across the procurement community (government and industry) to address the fourteen thoughts.  Here are the 14 items that are food for thought in 2014:

  1. Show me the Money: How the federal budget will impact business development.
  2. GSA’s Strategic Plan:  Plan versus implementation.
  3. From strategic partner to supplier: Is GSA distancing itself from its contractor community?
  4. More contact, less communication: How social media is redefining contractor interaction with the government.
  5. IT Acquisition Reform: where do we go from here?
  6. Standardized labor categories: Towards coin-operated contracts for professional services.
  7. The GSA Schedules program as an Innovation portal.
  8. The follow-on Networx procurement: Time for a GSA Schedules telecommunications solution.
  9. How strategic sourcing is reshaping (eroding?) the federal market and the contractor supply chain.
  10. Low price, best price or best value: What is the value proposition for customer agencies and the American people?
  11. The President’s executive order on regulatory review: no practical impact on the Federal Acquisition Regulation, or, where has commercial item contracting gone?
  12.  Acquisition Operations and Oversight: who is minding the shop?
  13.  Human Capital Investment: Experiential Development vs. Classroom Training
  14. Where is cooperative purchasing?

The Coalition blog looks forward to a robust dialogue on each of these thoughts.

Roger Waldron


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