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Upcoming Coalition Events for March and April!

As March enters in like a polar bear, it is time to provide an update on the Coalition’s event schedule for March and April.

Myth-Busters Forum with Daniel Gerstein, Acting Under Secretary for Science & Technology (S&T) at the Department of Homeland Security, March 13

On the morning of March 13th the Coalition will be hosting a Myth-Busters Forum with Daniel Gerstein, Acting Under Secretary for Science & Technology (S&T) at the Department of Homeland Security.  The forum will held at the law offices of McKenna Long & Aldridge, LLP.  DHS S&T plays a central and strategic role in supporting/facilitating requirements development, acquisitions and the implementation of cutting edge technologies supporting DHS component offices nationwide.

Cyber solutions, chemical/biological detection technologies, behavioral sciences, and first responder infrastructure, are among the mission capabilities DHS S&T supports across the homeland security enterprise.  DHS S&T is a key interface connecting requirements to technologies through its work with stakeholders within DHS, at the state and local level, internationally, and the private sector.  Our DHS S&T Myth-Busters Forum with Daniel Gerstein focuses on how technology is supporting the DHS mission, and importantly, how industry can engage DHS.  The forum also provides an opportunity for dialogue on the vital role technology identification, development and implementation plays in protecting the homeland.  The forum is a must attend event for industry program managers, account managers and executives focusing on the DHS market.

Myth-Busters webinar on Contractor Assistance Visits under GSA Multiple Award Schedules, March 25

On March 26th, the Coalition will be hosting a Myth-Busters webinar focusing on the processes and procedures for Contractor Assistance Visits under the GSA Multiple Award Schedule program.   As you know, Contractor Assistance Visits are conducted by the Industrial Operations Analysts (IOA) from GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS).  An MAS contractor can expect 2-3 visits from an IOA over the course of a five year contract period.  It is vital to understand the IOA role and expectations for MAS contractors.

The Myth-Busters webinar features Tom Brady, Director, Supplier Management Division, Office of Acquisition Management at GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service.  Tom will be discussing the respective roles of the Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) and the IOA.  Topics will include the updated review parameters and processes for IOA visits as well as key compliance issues (e.g. Industrial Funding Fee) surrounding MAS contracts.  This webinar is a “must dial in” event for contractor compliance managers, in house counsel, contracting officers, and executives responsible for management and oversight compliance.

2014 Spring Training Conference on Opportunities for Success in the Federal Market, April 10

On April 10th, the Coalition will hold our Spring Training Conference at the Fairview Marriott in Falls Church, Virginia.  The theme for this year’s Spring Training Conference is Opportunities for Success in the Federal Market.  The Spring Training Conference’s speakers include representatives from:

  • Department of Army
  • Department of Air Force
  • Department of Health & Human Services
  • Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy (DPAP)
  • GSA Office of the Chief Acquisition Officer
  • Offices of the GSA Inspector General and VA Inspector General

Our breakout sessions include a session focusing on the GSA FAS Acquisition Centers, the Department of Homeland Security, the IT GWAC programs (GSA, NASA, and NIH), the Small Business Administration, and GSA’s Office of Acquisition Management.  It is a jam packed line up!  To review the agenda and register click here.

The breadth and depth of speakers demonstrates our commitment to fostering a robust Myth-Busters dialogue between government and industry.  Robust dialogue and communication improves understanding and opportunities to deliver best value procurement solutions that support agency missions for the American people.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Roger Waldron


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