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Happy Federal Fiscal New Year!

Happy Federal Fiscal New Year!  The Coalition wishes everyone in the procurement community a Successful Fiscal Year (FY) 2015!  Success for all is ultimately measured as to whether the procurement system delivers best value mission support for customer agencies and the American people.  We are all stakeholders in that effort!

Of course, the next month will highlight the Coalition’s 35th Anniversary Celebration, the Excellence in Partnership (EIPs) Honors, and the 2014 Fall Conference.  At the center of the 35th Anniversary Celebration Dinner is our silent auction to support the Coalition endowment for veterans enrolled in the George Washington University’ Law School or Master’s Degree program in government contracting.  For information about the celebration dinner and 2014 Fall Conference please check here.

But there is much more to come.  As we move into FY 2015, the Coalition’s agenda will continue to have a laser like focus on procurement policies, procedures and programs that deliver best value solutions for customer agencies through sound business opportunities for small, medium and large businesses.  Here is a quick snap shot of our FY 2015 agenda:

  • Strategic Sourcing. In Spring 2014 the Coalition established a Strategic Sourcing Working Group to share information and best practices regarding strategic acquisition.  The Coalition will be sharing a draft strategic sourcing white paper with members at the Fall Conference.  This white paper will be informed by GSA’s recent response to the Coalition’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) seeking all documents relating to claimed savings via the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative.
  • VA Schedule Pricing Policies and Procedures.  The Coalition will be supplementing our September 2013 White Paper: GSA Multiple Award Schedule Pricing: Recommendations to Embrace Regulatory and Commercial Market Changes.  The supplement will address current VA schedule pricing practices, procedures and policies as well as current commercial market trends and best practices.
  • Coalition Innovation Task Force (CITF).  In calendar year 2015, the Coalition will launch the CITF.  The CITF will identify opportunities to streamline acquisition procedures and embrace requirements development and contracting techniques that leverage commercial solutions and innovation.
  • Promoting the Results of OMB’s Open Dialogue:  As you know, eight of the top ten recommendations to reform the procurement system that OMB received were suggested by the Coalition.  Among the recommendations are reforming the Price Reduction Clause and addressing “Other Direct Costs.”  In addition, the Coalition provided GSA with a list of contracting fixes to reduce transactional costs and increase value for customer agencies. We look forward to a Myth-Busters dialogue with GSA and OMB on these reform opportunities.
  • Alliant 2 Working Group: The Coalition has established an Alliant 2 working group through our GWAC/MAC Committee to support engagement and dialogue between GSA and industry members regarding this vital follow on procurement.
  • FSSI HR Services & Training Working Group:  Coalition has established a working group to support engagement and dialogue between GSA and OPM regarding the follow on procurement for human resources and training program support. This government-wide procurement vehicle will replace OPM’s TMA contract program.  Just this week the working group met with officials from GSA and OPM to discuss the procurement.

Each day we will continue to focus on common sense operational policies and procedures that foster competition, reduce transactional costs and enhance value for customer agencies and the American people. Beyond the items listed above, we will continue to discuss, highlight and address contract duplication, data reporting requirements, and government-unique requirements where the costs outweigh the benefits.  If you have feedback and/or items that you believe we should be focusing on please do not hesitate to contact me at (202) 331-0975.


Roger Waldron


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