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GSA Releases BIC MAC RFI and Coalition Forms New Working Group

Earlier this week, the General Services Administration (GSA) released a request for information (RFI) for the Best in Class Multi-Agency Contract (BIC MAC), which will serve as the follow on to the OASIS program. The RFI represents the first step in a dialogue with industry to gather feedback and craft the BIC MAC procurement. Comments on the RFI are due to GSA by Wednesday, March 17.

As you know, OASIS is one of GSA’s great success stories, providing over $10 billion in mission support for complex professional services to customer agencies in 2020. The program is a strategic asset to GSA and the government as a whole, supporting the efforts of GSA’s Assisted Acquisition Services and key agencies, like the Air Force.

With OASIS set to expire in 2024, the Coalition and its members will pay close attention to BIC MAC and GSA’s engagements with industry. We note that GSA’s overview of BIC MAC contemplates new features for the procurement, including:

  • Creating a single contract for large and small businesses and using small business reserves to support socioeconomic goals (in contrast with OASIS, which utilizes separate contracts for large and small businesses);
  • Utilizing the authority of Section 876 from the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act to award a contract, considering price at the task order level when requirements are definitized and competed among multiple contractors; and
  • Maintaining a continuous open season, rather than utilizing on-ramps.

In response to member feedback, the Coalition has established a new BIC MAC and OASIS Working Group that will provide a platform for all stakeholders to engage in a dialogue about this initiative. In addition to responding to the RFI, the Coalition will be meeting with Jill Akridge, Director of Customer Accounts Management for the Professional Services and Human Capital Categories at GSA, later this month to discuss BIC MAC.

For more information regarding the Coalition’s BIC MAC and OASIS Working Group, please contact Sean Nulty at We look forward to the dialogue with GSA and across the procurement community to ensure the effective, efficient delivery of best value mission support for customer agencies.

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