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Join GSA’s “MAS Office Hours” to Learn More about the EPA Moratorium Flexibilities

The Coalition for Government Procurement appreciates GSA for providing price flexibility for Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contractors to address the impact of inflation through its recent Acquisition letter on the Economic Price Adjustment (EPA) clause. Specifically, Acquisition Letter MV-22-02, Temporary Moratorium on Enforcement of Certain Limitations Contained in Certain GSA EPA Contract Clauses, reduces management approvals and gives contracting officers the ability to raise prices in contracts that include EPA clauses by freezing limitations on EPAs.

In last week’s blog, we addressed the rollout of the new EPA flexibilities and the opportunity for continued training of the acquisition workforce and GSA’s industry partners as both parties work together to ensure that customer agencies retain the ability to access the commercial products and services they rely upon to meet their critical missions during this unprecedented time.

In support of these efforts, we would like to share the following GSA training on the EPA moratorium with Coalition members scheduled for next Thursday. As noted in GSA’s announcement below, the majority of the hour will be open for contractor questions:

Upcoming MAS Contractor Event Regarding EPA Moratorium AL

GSA’s Economic Price Adjustment (EPA) moratorium Acquisition Letter (AL) MV-22-02 will be the covered topic at the next “MAS Office Hours” event scheduled for Thursday, April 21, 2022, at 2:00pm ET.  AL MV-22-02 establishes a temporary moratorium on the enforcement of a number of limitations contained in GSA EPA contract clauses, in recognition of the impact of inflation on GSA contractors and their ability to support federal agencies.  The FAS Office of Policy and Compliance will be providing a short presentation on these increased EPA flexibilities, with a goal of leaving the majority of the hour open for contractor questions.  

Contractors can register for this webinar here.  For contractors unable to attend, these monthly webinars are recorded, and this session will be posted to the MAS Office Hours Playlist on YouTube

We hope that members will take advantage of this training opportunity and we will continue to engage on behalf of industry on this important issue.

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