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2018 Interviews

Off the Shelf, hosted by Coalition President Roger Waldron, airs on Federal News Network on Tuesdays at 11 am EST. During the hour-long podcasts, Waldron interviews Federal contracting experts from both inside and outside of the government on the latest procurement issues, policies, and programs. Off the Shelf is available on all major podcast streaming platforms.

2018: The year in procurement

Systems integration and its role in IT modernization

A Section 809 Panel progress report from the chairman

All things OASIS & PSS

Procurement across the globe

Trends in government procurement

The Civil False Claims Act & OTAs

An update on DFARS

The 2019 NDAA: What will be its impact?

The NIB: What is its role in procurement?

“And the winners are…”

All things GSA

The state of procurement in 2018

An update on the Section 846 Implementation Plan

All things procurement

An inside look at GSA

Follow the money!

A procurement potpourri

An update on the NDAA

Mergers & acquisitions in 2018

FAS: Easy, efficient & modern

The future of integrated air & missile defense

Immersive training: The future is now

The impact of DoD’s commercial item rule

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