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2023 Interviews

Off the Shelf, hosted by Coalition President Roger Waldron, airs on Federal News Network on Tuesdays at 11 am EST. During the hour-long podcasts, Waldron interviews Federal contracting experts from both inside and outside of the government on the latest procurement issues, policies, and programs. Off the Shelf is available on all major podcast streaming platforms.

A FedRAMP update

The procurement news of the day

Small business contracting: a year in review

The state of the interagency contracting market

A discussion on canine assisted warrior therapy

The evolving cybersecurity framework

DoD: How is it meeting the security challenges facing the nation?

Government funding in fiscal year 2023

The State of the Federal Acquisition Service

An update on the MAS program

Using data to transform procurement

CMMC: What does it mean to government contractors?

The impact of the False Claims Act

The hottest topics in procurement

Procurement trends in 2023

A GSA acquisition policy update

Best-in-Class IDIQs: A deep dive

Jonathan Aronie: On the road to recovery

An inside look at GSA’s Office of Enterprise Strategy Management

Using AI to enhance warfighter performance

A review of the MAS program

An update on NASA SEWP V

Procurement trends in small business contracting

Inflation: How is it affecting contractors?

Key trends and provisions in the 2023 NDAA

The 2023 NDAA: How does it impact government contractors?

2022: The year in procurement

Trends shaping the federal procurement market

Compliance & federal procurement

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